PowerCube Combo #4

This Combo pack includes one Original USB and one Extended USB 5ft.

PowerCube Original USB
This PowerCube can be used in combination with the PowerCube Extended or Extended USB,
providing 4 additional outlets and 2 Powered USB ports. This PowerCube can also be used
stand alone by plugging it directly into the wall socket or other sockets besides
the sockets of the PowerCube Extended and Extended USB.

PowerCube Extended USB
This is the most extensive version of the PowerCube. It has a 5ft.  extension cord
fitted to it, so it can be mounted anywhere to have a power outlet within reach.
To do this, a stick-on dock is included. An ideal location is your desktop:
there is no more need to duck beneath your desk to plug in your laptop!
This PowerCube also includes a powered Dual USB port, so your mobile
devices (including tablet computers!) can be recharged from your desktop.

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