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Current travel adapters have multiple shortcomings:

Safety : many travel adapters are not or cannot be certified, as they do not comply with safety regulations.
Single outlet : nowadays we carry more than one electronic device with us on a trip. Most travel adapters just have one socket though…
Optimal use : as product designers we hate it when products are not used frequently. With travel adapters this is the case: once you get home, the adapter is not used and ends up in a drawer. Such a waste!
To tackle these shortcomings we would like to introduce you to a new different standard for the travel market; the PowerCube ReWirable. This product has many benefits:

Universal socket – plug connection

The PowerCube ReWirable comes with a worldwide standard receptacle (fused for max 10A). Just bring your PowerCube ReWirable to any country, plug in an old computer cable and turn your PowerCube into a “travel” extension cord.

A new level of environmental friendliness

The PowerCube ReWirable sets a different standard for “green” products. We all know about recycling, which will degrade the product and material. A greener way is re-using old products! Therefore the PowerCube ReWirable is designed to re-use old power cables. Almost everyone has a drawer full of cables from old computers, printers, monitors, scanners, fax machines, etc. Why not turn them into power extension cords? In addition, you can even choose your own cable length. And in case you go on a trip, just plug out the cable and use a cable with the plug of the country you travel to. Therefore you will never lose a travel adapter again, as you can use it as a standard power strip when you are at home. Optimal use of a product!